The removal of corn (clavus) from human skin using tomato juice and paste

Nagham K. Kareem


Aim and Objective: Tomato juice and paste have been used successfully in removing human skin corn, because of the presence of organic acids in them (tomato juice and paste of green and red ones). These acids are efficient to destruct and dissolve the skin corns. The juice and paste are attempted firstly on the sheepskin and meat; consequently, they are found efficient and active in dissolving the skin and meat proteins. Since some of human skin corns are pressed and become semisolid, this case requires periodic treatment. The objective of this paper is to attempt using of tomato juice and paste of both red and green ones in removing warts of the human body. It starts from the selection of the efficient juice in dissolving the sheepskin and meat and then testing them on human warts. Materials and Methods: Fresh tomatoes juice was prepared from 20 to 50 g of tomatoes; total acid content measured by both potentiometric and manual titrations methods. Citric acid crystals were identified by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy. Effect of dissolving and destruction of warts by tomatoes juice and paste was studied on sheepskin. Result and Discussion: Clear equivalence point indicates high levels of organic acids in tomatoes (green and red) showed a similar action to salicylic acid which encouraged the use of tomatoes’ juice and paste for human corns for the removal of human corns. Green tomato juice demonstrated 53.20% corn dissolving and destruction in sheepskin, while with sheep meat, it is 79.75%. Red-ripened tomato juice shows only 2% less activity as compared to green tomato juice due to lycopene and less acid content. Conclusion: The research confirms high efficiency of tomato juice and paste in removing human corns without side effects or pains during the period of treatment in the sheepskin

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