Biocidal efficiency of ultraviolet radiation regarding the excitant of the potato blackened stem Dickeya solani

Konstantin A. Tumashevich


Aim and Scope: There presented results of microbiological studies of the sensitivity of the phytopathogenic
bacterium excitant of the blackened stem of potato Dickeya solani to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
Materials and Methods: As sources of the biocidal radiation, a pulsed xenon lamp and a mercury lamp of low
pressure were used. Result and Discussion: It is shown that the pulsed xenon lamp has a more pronounced
antimicrobial effect with respect to the D. solani bacterium than the mercury lamp. Conclusion: The obtained
results testify the prospects of application of UV disinfection technologies in a complex of phytosanitary measures
against bacteriosis during the preparation of seed stock and long-term storage.

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