Development of the pharmacological product identification system with guaranteed reliability

Irina V. Spichak


Background and Objective: The article is a considerate system, designed for marking and the identification of goods and the subsequent monitoring of their movement. The system designed to provide a guaranteed authenticity of the markings applied to a controlled product. The system’s reliability is based on the principles of symmetric and asymmetric key encryption and on “point-to-point” encryption of the markers, as well as on the technology of a secure communication channel. Materials and Methods: The article considers an algorithm for creating an encrypted token and transmitting data over closed channels. Special attention is paid to the key formation with the special PBKDF2 library, the generation of 512-bit hashes according to the GOST R 34.11-2012 and the subsequent formation of a symmetric cipher GOST R 34.12-2015. This encryption algorithm allows to view the marker on the medicine package as an encrypted message in the precision time protocol. The author also considers the use of encrypted secure sockets layer and transport layer security protocols when communicating between client devices and infrastructure devices that provide the functioning of a monitoring system. Results: In addition, the article highlights the federal grain inspection service Federal State Information System for Monitoring the Movement of Drugs (FSIS MMDP) system which is created by the Federal Service for Supervision in Health Care, its organizational and legal base and the possibility of integration of these systems. Conclusion: As a result of the research it was established that protocols for data exchange and coding of markers, which allow to make reliable operation of the system for monitoring the movement of medical products and to design a unified system for monitoring the movement of goods, or the definition of their owner and also the study showed possible vulnerabilities of the system FSIS MMD.

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