Preliminary phytochemical and antiulcer studies of Hibiscus rosa sinensis Linn. root extracts

A. V. Anita Gnana Kumari, A. Palavesam, J. Anbu Jeba Sunilson, K. Anandarajagopal, M. Vignesh, J. Parkavi


The antiulcer activity of various extracts of Hibiscus rosa sinensis roots was evaluated in pyloric ligation induced gastric ulcer in albino rats. The root extracts were prepared by cold maceration process with petroleum ether, alcohol and water separately. The preliminary phytochemical screening of H. rosa sinensis revealed the presence of sterols, glycosides, proteins, mucilage and flavonoids. Oral administration of aqueous and alcohol extracts (250 and 500 mg/kg) of H. rosa sinensis roots were evaluated for antiulcer activity and compared with the standard drug, lansoperazole (8 mg/kg). From the results, it can be concluded that the aqueous extract of H. rosa sinensis roots (500 mg/kg) showed highly significant (P<0.001) dose-dependent antiulcer activity. These results lend scientific
support for the plant as folk medicine.
Keywords: Hibiscus rosa sinensis, antiulcer activity, pyloric ligation, maceration

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