Management capabilities of generative development of apple trees

Tatyana N. Doroshenko


Aim: In field and laboratory experiments, we investigated the viability of application of boric acid and Melaphen, growth regulator of the next generation, to optimize the generative activity of apple plants (Golden Delicious variety) at different stages of the annual growth and development cycle. Methods: To achieve this goal, we used field and laboratory research methods. The research was conducted in 2013-2016. Results: We revealed the effect of boric acid (at concentration of 0.1%) on the setting-up, differentiation and further development of generative buds of apple trees. Discussion: The application of boric acid in the fall contributes to strengthen and accelerate the formation of floral sprouts. The use of this compound before the beginning of the vegetation period improves the fertilization process. The growth stimulator Melaphen has the same effect on the generative activity of Golden Delicious as boric acid in the autumn and spring season. We identified an indirect effect of Melaphen on the apple plants resistance against spring frosts. Summer plant treatment with Melaphen contributes to a certain increase of economic crop, a significant increase in the activity of shoot growth in the second half of the growing season, as well as the weakening of the setting-up generative buds and the time shift in their development. Conclusion: We have demonstrated the possibility of adjustment of the fruit yield formation, when using the preparations under study, through directional increase of the concentration (biological activity) of growth factors of the auxin nature in certain plant organs and tissues, and change in this regard the nutrients displacement vector toward relevant attracting centers.

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