Characterization of Rajata Bhasma (traditional calcined silver preparation)

Rohit Ajith Gokarn


Introduction: Rajata Bhasma (RB), a calcined preparation of silver, is widely used in various herbo-mineral compounds and ample used as a single drug with different Anupanas (adjuvant) in several diseases. It is potentially used in numerous herbo-mineral formulations such as Kasturi bhairav Rasa, Grahani kapata Rasa, Jayamangala Rasa, and Trilokya chintamani Rasa. Objectives: Several works emphasizing standard method of preparation has been established, but there are few works focusing analytical profile of RB, hence objectives were to establish an analytical profile of RB. Materials and Methods: RB was subjected for X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray fluorescence, and particle size analysis. Results: Mean particle size of RB was 1.04 μm, and XRD results revealed RB was Ag2Hg2S (imitrite) initially and was in Acanthite (Ag2S) form in the final product. Conclusion: RB was found to be in silver sulfide (Ag2S) having a considerable reduction in particle size. Final product was devoid of mercury and other heavy metal contamination.

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